About ZITex

ZITex is a group of Slovenian export-oriented ICT companies which was established in 2008 by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.Their international reputation, abundant knowledge and extensive experience make them reliable and trustworthy business partners.Equally importantly, their innovative approaches and their keeping abreast of latest developments in the world of IT guarantee a fruitful and effective partnership.

The primary focus of the organisation is to encourage and accelarate export growth of small and medium sized ICT companies through the delivery of business opportunities, tenders and projects. ZITex works towards establishing partnerships and cooperation with governmental institutions with the aim of creating a stimulating environment for IT companies in Slovenia.We also provide services around marketing for IT and digital businesses of all sizes.

ZITex's objectives are:

  • To create and grow the Slovenian  ICT Association by developing a national infrastructure in all regions of Slovenia
  • To provide our members with information regarding foreign markets
  • The enablement of region-wide networks to support regional efforts on ICT and e-business
  • Helping to raise the quality, standards and image of ICT suppliers
  • Raise consumer confidence through the adoption of members' rules and regulations
  • Increase business opportunities to all of our Members, directly or via collaborations
  • Input to national, regional and international policy development wherever possible