Digital Transformation and Digital Automation from European e-Solutions Pioneers

How to on-board our cities and communities on digital train of smart societies?

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Established in 1990, Comtrade is a leading IT company in the region with offices in 11 countries across Europe and North America. Our technology centers are located in three major cities – Ljubljana (Slovenia), Belgrade (Serbia) and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Comtrade is a system of companies that operate in the field of software solutions, system integrations and hardware distribution. With a proven track record of delivering industry-leading IT solutions and software engineering services, Comtrade has become a trusted developer of end-to-end technology products and solutions in various industries.


Contact: Andrej Kotar, Director for eGovernment sector

e-mail: andrej.kotar@comtrade.com

Web site: www.comtrade.com



Epilog is a provider of high quality integrated software solutions for internal logistics and automated warehouses. For over 25 years, we have been building up our knowledge and experience in warehouse management software (WMS) in demanding projects all over Europe. All of this experience has been accumulated in our very own software package known as AtlasWMS. In the European market, we supply WMS and MFS to the leading producers of automated warehouses and we are among the first providers of IT solutions for the warehousing of metals and other long materials.

Contact: Damjan Širca, CEO

e-mail: damjan.sirca@epilog.net

Web site: www.epilog.net



Genis Ltd. manages the most advanced technologies of the leading global manufactures: IBM, Oracle and Microsoft. It cooperates, as a competent partner, with the most respected Slovenian companies, public institutions and administration in the field of re-engineering and business processes optimization. Today the company is renowned as being the leading provider of electronic business solutions and implementation of new business and management models into the operation of private and public organizations in the fields of manufacture, trade, distribution, publishing, medicine, finance, investments, public services and government.

Genis d.o.o. helps its partners to implement the most advanced technologies and processing approaches. Today the company is among the leading Slovenian developers of mission critical business applications on demand and comprehensive document information systems with integrated workflows.

With innovative solutions based on service oriented architecture (SOA), interoperability approaches, high performance workplaces and software services for government and large companies, it enables companies a leap in productivity, quality and added value.

Contact: Janko Štefančič

e-mail: janko.stefancic@genis.si

Web site: www.genis.si 

ISL Online

ISL Online is one of the pioneers of the remote desktop control industry. Since 2003, ISL Online has been providing cloud-based (SaaS) and on-premises (Server License, Private Cloud) remote support, remote access, live chat and web conferencing solutions to over 300,000 businesses across 100 countries, with Japan being the strongest market. ISL Online allows users to access and control any Windows, Mac or Linux computer in seconds from any computer or mobile device or to provide ad hoc technical support to mobile device users. ISL Online is developed by XLAB, a software development company headquartered in Europe, with offices in Slovenia, Switzerland, the UK and the USA.

Developing highly scalable and customisable solutions, we have completed a large amount of successful integration and OEM customisation of our software. Most recently for AVG Business, where the ISL Online’s graphical user interface has been fully customised and the DNA of the software has been integrated into the core of AVG’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform.  In the past two years we have built important strategic partnerships with important companies and distributors around the world such as Samsung Electronics, AVG Business and acmeo, leading IT distributor for DACH markets.

Contact: Mitja Vavpotič

e-mail:  mitja.vavpotic@xlab.si

Web site: www.islonline.com

IRM ltd

IRM Ltd. develops and maintain customized solutions for two business segments:

  • Banks: IBI Master is solution for investment baking, which enables full front to back office software support in trading financial instrument.
  • Marina resorts, yacht clubs:  Marina Master is solution for marina management, which automates & integrates all processes in marina resort in order to enable marina manager total overview and control from any device. Marina Master improves CRM, designed for marina specifics. 

IRM Partnership Programme gives opportunity to companies worldwide to join as potential partners of Marina Master or IBI Master and represent product’s benefits to potential customers. IRM Ltd. is inviting companies or individuals to discuss cooperation and sales possibilities and present them Partnership benefits.

Contact: Tone Britovšek, CEO

e-mail: tone.britovsek@irm.si

Web site: www.irm.si

MAIS Informacijski sistemi

MAiS is an innovative consulting and software solution provider, specialized for hospitality and leisure industry. Our team consists of hotel management specialists and consultants with more than 20 years of world-wide experience in hospitality industry, as well as with technical know-how.  Our flagship product is Fidelity Hotel Property Management System. Based on product design, technology and built-in knowledge, Fidelity meets and exceeds the world-class leading PMS products and is particularly distinguished by its modular design and useful features for the resort and spa hotels. Our clients include independent hotels, hotel groups, conference venues, spa and health resorts, individual wellness centers and restaurants. Our Fidelity hotel software has also been implemented in curriculum of hotel management schools worldwide. 

Contact: Iva Kunej

e-mail: iva.kunej@mais.si 

Web site: www.fidelity-mais.com


ASK.BI a complete Corporate Performance Management Solutions (CPM + BI)

ASK.BI, get innovative data driven business decisions, simply, with a question! 
At the end of the day, business intelligence, is about answering business questions: anytime, anywhere on any connected device! 

•   "Google" your relational data with the speed of thought 
•    A real Self-Service Business Intelligence Platform! 
•    CRM, ERP, SCM ... Embedded, On-Premise, Cloud with Microsoft SSAS OLAP solutions, SAP HANA, Open Source Pentaho Mondrian 

Also available in combination with "Ok Google" voice search on your mobile devices, advanced car infotainment systems and desktop web browsers!

We are looking for partners, regional distributers. In ASK.BI  Partnership Programme  we are looking for Partners with need for BI Partnership that will help them Grow Your Business, Partners who want to master all segments of BI projects; from planning to implementation or extend THEIR GREAT PRODUCTS and SERVICES!

Contact: Tomaž Bergant, CEO

e-mail: : tomaz.bergant@ResEvo.com

Web site: www.resevo.com


SETCCE is the leading Slovenian provider of solutions and cloud services for digital transaction management. The company is focused on providing advanced solutions and cloud services for electronic and digital signatures, for electronic invoicing and managing procurement document workflows document exchange and for long term trusted electronic archiving. SETCCE also offers technical, business and legal consultancy services for implementing electronic business strategies, electronic business organizational rules and security policie

Competitive advantages of SETCCE are extended experience and knowledge on advanced digital transition technologies and constant investment in innovating new software solutions and cloud services; 15 years of experience in Slovenia and abroad; pioneering projects for introducing paperless business in the region for a variety of industries and public administration; localization support and customized digital transaction solutions and services to meet the client's needs; compatibility of digital transaction solutions and cloud services with the client's existing IT infrastructure; a team of a number of experienced experts; and financial stability.

Contact: Aljoša Jerman Blažič, CEO

e-mail: aljosa@setcce.si

Web site: www.setcce.si

Špica International

Spica is a leading regional manufacturer and supplier of solutions, equipment and systems for workforce management, supply chain and industrial mobile computing.

The company was founded in late 1980s and has gained a crew of over 100 high tech profile members, in house research and development team in 6 countries in region (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Macedonia and UK).

Spica’s solutions for time management and access control uses over half million users every day in 27 countries.  From the very beginning, Spica’s business strategy has been grounded in the comprehensive solution development, integrations and custom solution projects for time and attendance, access control, hospitality solutions (RFID and Bluetooth hotel rooms access control), salesforce automation, warehouse processes (both WMS and Voice lead picking), asset management systems and retail solutions.

Contact: Tone Stanovnik, CEO

e-mail: info@spica.com

Web site: www.spica.si, www.spica.com


Žejn d.o.o. is an international niche ISV (Independent Software Vendor established in 1993) strongly positioned in:

  • Banking industry
  •  Legal industry
  • Health-Care industry

 We search for SI (System Integrators) and VARs (Value Added Resellers) as to complement their sales catalogue with niche products within Banking, Legal and Health-Care. Our products are BPM / SOA based and are focused towards knowledge transfer, complete partnership support and zero-time on-project trainings. We transfer knowledge of niche BPM configurations and boost sales of partnered SI/VARs within first months of collaboration.

 Contact: Ernest Žejn, CEO

e-mail: ernest.zejn@zejn.si

Web site: www.zejn.si